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Rabbitry and Rabbit Care

Having a rabbit is not as simple as dogs and cats.  There are some really incredible differences, yet at the same time, they are some of the most rewarding pets anyone can have.  There are many things to consider before purchasing a rabbit including breed, size, available play area, age, and of course personality.  The one common standard however is that rabbits are quite social animals and they require daily care and play time which is very therapeutic for both the pet and the caretaker!  We try to provide as much information as possible on how to care and give your pet a wonderful home!



Save-A-Fluff is a program designed to help care for abused and neglected rabbits. It's unfortunate at times, but rabbits that have physical injuries and others with behavior issues from mishandling are all things we strive to improve.  In many cases, a rabbit doesn't get the attention it needs and is forgotten, then ends up in a shelter.  Most shelters do not tend to find homes for these wonderful little creatures.  It's our goal to rescue as many as we can, provide the medical care as needed, and rehabilitate the behavior.  This program has been wonderfully successful and many rabbits have found new life with a place to call home.



We also are a breeder of a few specialized breeds that we have grown to love, and find that are most common.  There are many rabbit breeds recognized in Europe, The United States, Australia, and beyond.    We specialize in Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, and Mini Rex.  Our breeding is done in a way to produce strong healthy rabbits, in whereas some breeders produce for quantity, we only produce a few litters a year.  This gives us the ability to produce healthy litters and reduces the risk for abnormalities and weak immune systems.  Sensible, smart, and common sense techniques gives us the ability to produce good stock, with desireable traits, and in the longevity of your pet, breeder, or show rabbit.

Health Care


A rabbits health is absolutely key to it's overall behavior.  A sick rabbit will tend to be fiesty, can be aggressive, and even snip at you.  With all our rescue work, we assess their health to make sure teeth are not too long, nails are trimmed, and physical or signs of illness are assessed.  When needed we will address all their issues.  A healthy rabbit will be much more inclined and willing to be social than a sick one.  Health is most important before treatment on behavior issues can begin.  We have a completely separate facility specifically designed for quaranteen procedures off-site from our main rabbitry for our rescue and rehabilitation work.  Average cost of a vet bill on our rescues for 2017 for the term of it's care at the rescue is $119/rabbit.  For 2018, the average cost is $28/rabbit.

Behavioral Rehabilitation


Behavior in rabbits can really vary.  Most rabbits are not born aggressive. There are some cases however, such as in brain disorders, due to several factors in which a rabbit will not respond to treatment.  With this in mind, nearly 90% of rabbits can be rehabilitated.  The causes for rabbit aggression can be environment, handling, abuse, neglect, health, or stress.  The number one thing we control first is environment, health, and stress.  Rehabilitation can take little as a few days to as long as 2 months depending on the severity and number of issues present.  We do this daily, and it's requires a great deal of patience, and several hours a day working with them.  One thing about rabbits, it's only their behavior that we can go on to assess their needs/issues.  They can't speak up and bark like dogs, or the simple meow of a cat.  They are really quite complex, but with love, our own techniques we have developed, and patience, we can deal with about anything that comes our way on the behavior.



It's one of the most rewarding parts of all the things we do....adoption day.  Seeing these guys come in sick or angry at the world, and changing into the wonderful loving pets they are is truly what inspires us and keeps us going even when the smallest of battles is won in their recovery.  It requires days to weeks to even months of daily patience...but when it changes, it changes like a light switch in these wonderful buns. Not all will ever be pet quality however, either the trauma or the abuse they went through was too great to overcome and in those cases, we will keep them with us for life.  They in most cases recover, but due to stressors in their past, we feel it's best for them to remain with us.  Some even have physical injuries that require a lot of attention, and we also keep them with us for life.  It's our pact with these guys, that we will treat them with love and respect and do what's best for them even if it means their lifetime spent with us! 

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