Apparrel Services (Coming Soon)



Custom shirts with you rabbitry logo?  We can do it!  Lots of wonderful late options in up to 4 colors.  Reasonably priced for any budget to get your name out there while you are out and about or going to a show!  We also have lots of wonderful shirt designs with rabbit related content!  


Having to trudge outside on those cold winter days to care for your bunnies, or early morning to a show?  Our sweatshirts with your custom logo and design will keep you warm, and give you a bit of flare to show off and advertise your rabbitry!  Screenprinted shirts for any budget and concept available!

Polo Shirts

Going on a out, or staying in, advertise your rabbitry with our custom screenprinted shirts with a professional look when going to a show or event!  As in all our shirts, lots of color options and styles as well as cost savings you won't find anywhere else!


Cooking in the kitchen, at the show, or working in your rabbitry?  A rabbit apron will not only give you the professional look at a show, but also protect your clothes while working with your rabbits, or just as a cool thing to wear while making dinner!  Custom logo's and designs can be screened right onto these for your rabbitry as well! 

Long Sleeve Shirts

Lots of options, and screenprinted long sleeves for those cool mornings at the show in fall or spring.  Lots of color options and again, all custom setups are possible to fit most budgets!

Rabbitry Supplies


Cage Tags (Standard or Custom)

Laminated and durable tags that you can re-use time and time again!  Get a generic version or have your custom logo applied!  Add the information you like and we'll design it for you!  Great for placing on your cages to keep track of all your rabbits and their information right on the tag!

Sale Tags (Standard or Custom)

Laminated and re-useable, our sale tags are designed so you can label each rabbit at the show for sale with age, price, name, lines, etc.  Generic or custom designed are available!

Kindling Tags (Standard or Custom)

Never forget the date your doe is due to kindle with these handy tags.  Keep track of sire and dam information, breed date, due date, weening date, and never be caught off guard by losing that scrap of paper you set down somewhere!

Cage Tag Clips

Durable snap clips to attach your tags to your cage!  Easy to change out if broken or damaged.  Always great to have a few extra on hand!

Custom Play Hutches

This is a great addition to any interior home pets dream...a play hutch to explore, run up and down multiple levels.  Designed with interior setups in mind, you can have just about any color you desire.  (only local pickup and delivery at this time)

Custom Indoor Cages

Need something more than just that bland looking cage or bin?  Get one custom crafted to fit your home!  Lots of color options, as well as, options to house 3-4 rabbits all within one unit!  Come's assembled and ready to pickup! (only local pickup and delivery available at this time)

Creative Logo Design


Logo Design

We offer a variety of logo designs.  Need something for your rabbitry? Logo's come in multiple formats, including formats for taking to your local screenprint shop, or even better, we can print shirts for you! We offer all sorts of options and color arrangements and work with you to develop a logo you like, and will enjoy a lifetime!